Personalised Gift Box Selections for Men

Our personalised gift-boxes are always very popular with customers in Kanturk and Charleville and we are now offering them to online customers. Just select your budget and let us know something about the recipient. Delivery is free to Irish addresses for orders over €50. A personal gift message can be included. It can be difficult […]

Good Digestion Naturally

We often deal with customers who are suffering from digestive problems and there are some easy ways to treat problems which can be really effective. Sometimes digestive problems manifest themselves as bad skin not just as indigestion or bowel problems. We often see that in children. Understanding how your digestive system operates is really important. […]

Sports Nutrition – Fit for Life – Part 3: Staying Energised

There are a whole wealth of natural energy boosters available for sports people of all ages. They aren’t only great for sports people though, many people can benefit from these products. If you think you might like to get more exercise and lack motivation these products can help you to ensure that you are getting […]

Sports Nutrition – Fit for Life – Part 1: Protein

It is vital that all who are involved in sports pay attention to their nutritional needs. Athletes need more nutrients than less-active people. They demand more from their bodies and so they must compensate with the right nutrients from foods and supplements to maintain performance and recovery at it peak.