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Tips to lose weight faster safely

tips to lose wieght

tips to lose wieghtIt’s the time of year that many people try to start diets and lose excess weight. Tips for losing weight include thinking about the foods that you eat, reducing portion size and trying to make healthier choices. Drinking plenty of water and increasing your level of exercise will also help. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – stress will not help you to lose weight.

There are supplements to help you to benefit even more from your efforts.

Want to burn fat fast?

This Quinoa Tabbouleh recipe is an example of a dish with a low glycemic load (GL) diet, designed to keep blood sugars even, causes more weight loss on the same calories. It’s from Burn Fat Fast, Patrick Holford and Kate Staples outline how to follow a low glycemic load (GL) diet, designed to keep blood sugars even, which causes more weight loss on the same calories.

New Nordic Chilli Burn is a useful supplement to speed the metabolism. Chili Burn is an advanced chili-based tablet with extracts from green tea (standardised to contain 30% epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG) plus Chromium Picolinate, vitamin-B and magnesium, that help maintaining a normal burning of fat, carbohydrates, proteins and aids transformation of these “fuels” to energy.

To maintain normal blood glucose and break down fats try New Nordic’s Apple Cider Mega Strength Capsules were the Healthy Living Magazine’s top slimming product in 2019. They contain Apple Cider, Artichoke, Dandelion and Chromium which work together to help you on your weight loss journey. Nova Brand’s Go Cal is an Irish product that can help your body to maintain normal blood glucose levels it also contains cider vinegar, artichoke, dandelion and chromium but has the added addition of saffron. Nature’s Aid Trim it uses a combination of Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Lecithin and can reduce fatigue as well as helping to regulate the metabolism.

Another great weight management product by New Nordic to help with weight loss and to help combat a fatty liver is Active Liver. New Nordic Active Liver is the ideal support supplement to assist the liver, it is particularly helpful at the beginning of a weight loss programme or after a period of over indulgence.

The 5:2 Diet

Some people benefit from the 5:2 diet. Followers of the 5:2 diet eat normally for 5 days of the week and for the other 2 days restrict their calorie intake, for women you restrict to 500 and for men 600.

Some people find that using Glucoslim Glucomannan can help with their fasting days. Glucomannan supplements have to be taken with water because it works by absorbing the water, swelling in size and forming a gel. This gel fills your stomach, making you feel full, even though you have actually consumed no calories! The gel formed by the glucomannan then moves through the digestive system slowly – slowing down the rate at which your food is digested and absorbed. This means that it will reduce your appetite, making it easier for you to go longer between meals and making it less likely that you will overeat or ‘cheat’.

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