Burn Fat Fast by Patrick Holford


In Burn Fat Fast, Patrick Holford and Kate Staples outline how, by combining Patrick’s alternate-day low-GL diet and a fat burning exercise workout by Kate, you can lose fat fast, without going hungry or compromising your health.

The old idea that it was just about eating less calories, however more and more research shows that a low glycemic load (GL) diet, designed to keep blood sugars even, causes more weight loss on the same calories.

Combining this with specific fat burning exercises increases the weight loss.

The main side effect is that you will need a new wardrobe.

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The best and healthiest way to lose weight, and keep it off, according to the latest research is a combination of the following:

A low GL diet (45 GLs to lose weight, 60 GLs to maintain)
Three alternate ‘fast’ days on lower GL/calories – a total of 35 GLs/800 kcals and other days on approximately 50 GLs.
3-5 grams of glucomannan fibre or PGX before each meal, with a large glass of water.
Supplemental HCA, chromium and 5-HTP, plus the basics of a high potency multivitamin, extra vitamin C and essential fats.
Alternating resistance and endurance exercises. Resistance exercises can be done in an 8 minute sequence involving a four exercises that use different groups of muscles. Endurance exercise can be done in half an hour, including short thirty second bursts of high intensity exercise, eg sprinting, four to six times during your training session.
My Burn Fat Fast regime incorporates all these principles in an easy-to-follow strategy to transform your health and weight.