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New Leaf is an independent Health Food Shop and Holistic Health Centre with branches in Kanturk and Charleville, Co. Cork.

We are committed to providing the best possible products to our customers in our shops and online. We have very high standards and endeavour to ensure our products are  ethical and, where possible, vegan. Our staff are highly trained and experienced and able to advise on most conditions.

If you want to order by phone or buy products that are not yet in the New Leaf online health shop or if you are uncertain which products might suit you, contact us.

Coming up at New Leaf

  • Allergy Testing (Kinesiology)
    New Leaf Kanturk

    Fiona Griffin
    Kinesiology / Allergy Testing / Reflexology
    Fiona’s interest in health issues has brought her to train in reflexology and naturopathic medicine, incorporating Kinesiology, homeopathy, herbology, nutrition and food intolerance testing.


Therapies available daily by appointment

Now taking names for Tai Chi classes in Charleville and Kanturk


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