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New Leaf is an independent Health Food Shop and Holistic Health Centre with branches in Kanturk and Charleville, Co. Cork.

We are committed to providing the best possible products to our customers in our shops and online. We have very high standards and endeavor to ensure our products are  ethical and, where possible, vegan.

We have two shops and not all our products are visible online. If you want to order by phone or buy products that are not yet in the New Leaf online health shopcontact us

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Events upstairs at New Leaf Health Store


Advice on joint pain products from John Burke from ECI Health. All Welcome, free of charge.
Monday 24th June from3pm

Get to the root of the problem:

Allergy Testing / Kinesiology with Fiona Griffin.
Fiona will be in Kanturk on Monday 24th June – bookings are now being taken, call 029 51922 or email [email protected]

Ener-Chi Balance:

Chi Nidra is back, 2 nights in May & 2 nights in June..to gently guide us into high Summer. New Leaf Health Shop, Kanturk. €20 per session or group rate of €70 x 4 weeks. Limited places so booking is essential 🙏☯️ contact Irene 086 827 2042 @irene.enerchibalance

Ciat JoyceCiat Joyce
10:33 29 Apr 22
Only started using New Leaf a couple of months ago but I’ve found Charlotte to be brilliant. Always contacts me if there is any issue or delay with my order. Exceptional Customer Service.
Paul SwanPaul Swan
17:46 15 Mar 22
Have used their online site now for nearly nine months. Excellent response time having my products in my hands within 24 hours on a couple of occasions. Always a nice note with the arrival (bar of chocolate at Xmas, facemask last time). Seem like lovely people, professional at the job. Would highly recommend them. Top place.
Kieran MurrayKieran Murray
20:35 22 Aug 20
Great people.
Mark CroninMark Cronin
08:24 12 Jul 19
Any time I visited the shop, there was a nice atmosphere. Staff are fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. I have availed of their health and wellness products and their other practitioners. What I also noticed and liked, that the staff seemed to be on first name terms with most people that entered the shop any time that I was there. Always a good sign. You weren't just a customer!
Niall O'Rahilly-DrewNiall O'Rahilly-Drew
17:05 25 Jun 19
A great place for herbal remedies, supplements and much much more!!