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Somatic & Trauma Psychotherapy

with Jason Cowell

My name is Jason Cowell. I practice as a Somatic and Trauma Psychotherapist. I offer online therapy through zoom video calls.

I have worked privately as a Psychotherapist since 2013 in Cork city and Kinsale and was awarded ‘Most Dedicated Psychotherapist Ireland’ in 2020 by the Irish Enterprise Awards. 

I presently live and work in Asia and currently have acquired a beautiful therapeutic space in Mysore, India, where myself and my wife offer trainings and workshops in trauma-informed yoga, movement and wellness. My approach is an integration of many modalities such as Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Gestalt and Hakomi. I continue to be a long-term student of Hakomi (Mindfulness and body-focussed psychotherapy) Somatic Movement and Trauma-Informed Yoga. My passion is to work 1-1 with people in-person or online in a creative and compassionate way and I am deeply committed to supporting you to rediscover yourself (your self) and bring it to heal what burdens you today. 

I offer online therapy through zoom video calls. Online therapy has been shown to be as effective as face to face therapy (U.S Northwestern University 2021, Germany’s Leipsig University 2022). You do not need to be technically proficient to work in this way as it is as simple as a regular phone call from the familiarity of your own home/space. Be reassured that I will guide you fully through the process until you feel comfortable. Once you have a stable internet connection, quiet space and a good headset we are almost good to go. 

In our work together I am fully flexible to meet you where you are, however, my core focus is working somatically. ‘Soma’ comes from the Greek word meaning body.

Working Somatically means that together we will talk about issues in your life but we will also often prioritize exploring how your nervous system is telling its own story about how you have been impacted by and responded to the events of your life. I will emphasise fostering curiosity and self-compassion with your overall experience of yourself. Working in this way means following and supporting, rather than forcing, what wants to happen in order for you to heal. This can also involve being open to gently hearing from and challenging the beliefs and behaviours that have habitually kept you stuck in your life. Working in this way means we will occasionally move from our chairs to standing and gently moving to invite support to areas of your body. Working in this way can also bring your attention to your breathing and to use of gentle self-touch to invite compassion for what is wanting to be witnessed and supported towards healing. 

My approach is gentle and compassionate at all times and what is most important is that the intensity of where our attention goes is never too much for where you are and what capacity you currently have. 

Somatic therapy works because so much of what we struggle with resides in our body. We cannot talk or think our way exclusively to feeling better, and giving some attention to how both the words and feelings/sensations are communicating can support your overall healing more naturally and effectively. 

Somatic therapy really does benefit a vast range of people and support symptoms too long to mention. Generally, those who feel like a passenger in their life, a little lost and confused and adrift in their life can benefit from listening to their internal world. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, feelings of stress or body-based symptoms such as headaches,  chronic tension or pain. Often those who work in this holistic way report feeling more compassionately connected and in touch with themselves on a deeper level. This in turn fosters an attitude of ‘listening to’ rather than getting stuck in ‘talking about’ the challenges in their lives. 

If this perks your interest, or you feel working in this way aligns with where you are, please make contact email [email protected] and we can schedule a free 30minute consultation to explore this further.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” (Luther King Jr.).