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Natural ways to cope with Hay Fever

As the trees blossom and the early grasses and flowers come into bloom, many people are effected by hay fever. Itchy eyes, blocked sinuses and sneezing are all common symptoms and it can make the springtime unpleasant for sufferers. So I thought it was a good idea to go through some of the products that are available to ease the symptoms of those with Hay Fever.

A Vogel’s Pollinosan is a leading range of natural remedies for hay fever, it includes a luffa herbal tincture, tablets, nasal spray and new Pollinosan eye drops. The new eye drops offer fast relief for red itchy eyes.

Natural antihistamines can be beneficial for hay fever sufferers. Quercetin has natural antihistamine properties and is available as capsules.  Nettle leaf is another example. Nettle leaf is available as a tincture, capsules or as a pleasant herbal tea. These natural antihistamines inhibit the release of histamine from your immune system, thereby reducing hay fever symptoms.


If blocked sinuses are the main symptom that you suffer then Viridian’s Horseradish and Garlic capsules are a great addition to your medicine chest. They offer fast relief from blocked sinuses and extra vitamin C to boost your immune system. An alternative for the sinuses is A Vogel’s Plantago tincture.

Many people find that eating local honey can help to accustom their bodies to pollen and lessen symptoms. We sell Michael Curtin’s fantastic local honey in both our Kanturk and Charleville shops.

Preventing the pollen from entering the nose is a good solution for some people. HayMax is an organic barrier balm specifically formulated to be as ‘sticky’ as possible to pollen, whilst minimising any sliminess or greasiness.

Another drug free solution is Hayband – an acupressure band that is worn on the arm, pressing on the point traditionally used in Chinese medicine to alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

Call in to New Leaf in Kanturk or Charleville to find the best solution for your own hay fever symptoms.