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Fire Tonic, an invigorating shot of goodness

Fire Tonic

Brewed in Cobh Co. Cork since early 2019 by Jessica and Jerome McCormick, Fire Tonic is growing in popularity across Ireland.

…and for good reason!

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It’s loaded with nature’s top immune boosters and natural anti-inflammatories. Starting out as Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘The Mother’ containing probiotics and enzymes, a host of superfoods are added resulting in a potent and invigorating shot of goodness.

Eight powerful ingredients go into every batch, Turmeric and Black Pepper along with Ginger and Cayenne are excellent for supporting digestion as well as being anti-inflammatory.

Horseradish is well known to help support Sinus and Lungs, Raw Garlic and Onion contains Allicin, nature’s most potent anti-microbial. Local Raw Honey is the final ingredient to be added which comes from East Cork,  I love being able to get so many raw superfoods in one go.

This very recipe has been used by Herbalists for years, one of the most well known being Rosemary Gladstar who popularised it in the US.

My favourite way to take Fire Tonic is 15ml neat in a tablespoon or a small shot glass to experience the full power of these concentrated botanicals, alternatively, a lovely way to enjoy it is diluted with an equal volume of pressed apple juice which makes it much sweeter if you find you’re not up for the undiluted challenge!

We are very impressed with this new product at New Leaf; we love how the ingredients are carefully chosen to work together and compliment each other. It’s not often one comes along that is so comprehensive.

The suggested 15ml/day means a bottle lasts about 3 weeks and with a shelf life of 1 year you can dip in from time to time whenever you feel the need for an extra boost!

Call in to our Kanturk or Charleville branches to get a bottle or order online here by clicking this link.