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Natural remedies for constipation

Constipation is a really common problem which nearly everyone goes through at some point. Being constipated means your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal.

There are many causes of constipation. These include a change in diet, eating too many dairy products, not eating enough fibre or drinking enough water or even stress can be a cause. Constipation can be very uncomfortable.

Fibre is effective for a lot of people, for example Lepicol. It contains psyllium husk, which works by increasing the bulk of your stools – encouraging your bowels to move the stools through your digestive system. You need to drink plenty of water or juice along with the psyllium husk. Psyllium is also great for reducing cholesterol.

Another good fibre solution is flax seed. Studies suggest that flaxseed may not only ease constipation but may also help to ease diarrhoea.

Mag 365 contains magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate relaxes your bowels and pulls water into your intestines. The water helps soften and bulk up your stool, which makes it easier to pass. Magnesium citrate is relatively gentle. Mag 365 should be mixed with hot water to activate it. It is very effective and great for people who don’t want to use a fibre solution.

Herbal teas can also help to relieve constipation, Dr Stuarts Lax Plus contains senna and liquorice amongst its ingredients and it can help to relieve discomfort.

To keep your bowels healthy it is a good idea to use a probiotic to ensure that your digestive system has a good balance of bacteria. With 70% of the immune system located in the gut it’s an essential but often overlooked element of health. We recommend Udos Super 8’s, they are refrigerated and contain live bacterias in very high numbers.