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Boosting immunity for the new school term

As Autumn begins we are back in routine with school runs, morning traffic and the inevitable coughs and colds. So it’s a great time to remind ourselves of ways that we can help our bodies to stay healthy. With the new school term begun, we look at how to make things as smooth as possible for pupils, teachers and parents.

Sleep patterns: Have a strict bedtime, and stick to it. Power off devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime and encourage reading or listening to music instead.

Stress: Make sure to get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Practice breathing exercises or try meditation techniques. Listen to music or play music. Get organised, keep things tidy and make lists to help see progress. If stress is getting too much teens and adults may find A Vogel Passiflora Spray a useful product to have on hand to quickly relieve the symptoms.

Beat the Bugs: Make sure that the whole family eats a healthy diet and supplement with essential immune boosting vitamins and minerals. 

Use high quality vitamins such as Somega Liposomal Vitamin C or Solgar’s Ester C. As the days shorten, Vitamin D is essential to prevent a slump and to give our bodies enough, there’s capsules, tablets, sprays and liquids available. Studies show that zinc is important in almost all aspects of the immune system: It helps skin cells and cells lining our organs prevent pathogens from entering, and helps our bodies to generate immune cells.

Consider a speciality Immune boosting product such as Nature’s Plus Kids Immune Booster or for adults Solgar’s Beta Glucans and Elderberry Immune Complex is hard to beat. 

Seventy percent of the immune system is located in the gut so good nutrition is essential. Boost your gut biome with probiotics, such as Udos Super 8s or Terranova Probiotics with Prebiotics.

We hope that you are all set for the new term and that this school year goes really well. All of us at New Leaf are here to answer any questions you have.