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In addition to enhanced Vitamin C absorption, SOMEGA’s Liposomal Vitamin C has other key features worth noting:

  • This expertly formulated supplement contains only natural ingredients, is vegan-friendly and alcohol-free, unlike many liposomal food supplements which surprisingly contain alcohol as a preservative.
  • Similar to the Easy Omega-3 product, our Liposomal Vitamin C tastes very pleasant. It has a natural citrus flavour and can easily be taken straight from the spoon or added to cold drinks and smoothies.
  • Like many of today’s consumers, Somega believe the welfare of the planet is important too! That’s why we chose to use packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable, in contrast to non-recyclable single use plastic sachets. SOMEGA Liposomal Vitamin C is packed in 450ml PET recyclable bottles within a recyclable cardboard carton (Forest Stewardship Council Certified).

Each unit contains 30 servings of 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C per 15ml.

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