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Boost your Health Naturally with B-Vitamins

somega liposomal vitamin B + V

The cold winter months present us with a unique set of health challenges from dry itchy skin, to feeling tired and lethargic, to seasonal colds and the flu. Keeping yourself well is essential during the colder months; a balanced healthy diet, regular exercise and good quality sleep are key.

Taking high quality supplements can also play a role in keeping your health on track, in particular the B-Vitamins and Vitamin C. There are eight B-Vitamins, making up what is referred to as B-Complex. The B-Vitamins are often called the “energy vitamins” as they help convert the food you eat into the energy your body needs. Both the B-Vitamins and Vitamin C cannot be stored in your body, making it important to have a continuous daily supply for optimal health.

SOMEGA, the West Cork supplement company founded by nutritionists and food scientists Dr. Paula Gaynor and Mark Clifford, have just launched their new product, Liposomal Vitamin B-Complex + C. This synergistic blend of Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C is designed to support energy levels and reduce tiredness and fatigue, and contribute to mental health and performance, including supporting memory, concentration and learning and helping combat stress. It also helps support your immune and nervous systems, provides support for healthy skin and hair, and helps regulate hormonal activity.

Like all products in the SOMEGA range, this expertly formulated liquid supplement is pure and natural with no unnecessary ingredients. In contrast to other Vitamin B-Complex supplements, it is made using cutting-edge liposomal technology to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and optimum health benefits. It has a natural berry flavour and can be enjoyed straight from the spoon