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Try Matcha Tea for Energy

matcha tea

matcha tea



When  it comes to getting a quick energy boost, most people’s first thought is  a quick snack or  a cup of coffee. Yet there is another beverage with a long tradition of being used for energy in the Orient. That drink is matcha green tea.

While many people associate green tea with detox and weight loss, it’s a staple in Japan at exam time due to its unrivalled ability to both focus the mind to aid recall while simultaneously delivering a slow sustained energy release.

This is due to a number of factors in how matcha differs from regular green tea, both in terms of makeup and benefits that truly set it apart from other beverages.

First of all, matcha is a powdered tea. Green tea leaves are carefully selected and ground slowly into an emerald powder which is mixed with water and consumed whole. So one ingests 100% of the goodness of the tea leaves, unlike with teabags. By consuming the leaves whole, green tea is able to unlock its true energy potential, balancing blood sugars for an energy boost that some drinkers say last up to 4 hours.

Secondly matcha is cultivated to maximise theanine, an amino acid that is proved to calm the nervous system and boost mood. So the energy boost isn’t “jittery” like coffee can sometimes be, but is much more calming, clear and uplifting. It’s the perfect drink when stressed or overwhelmed.

Furthermore it has all the benefits of green tea in an even more powerful and pure form. It can be prepared as a tea, as a latte or even added to smoothies or juices.

It will give you calm clean energy and detox you all at the same time. What’s not to love?