Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Healthier Christmas Cake Recipes

I thought it would be good to look for some delicious and different healthier Christmas cake recipes that you can bake at home. This post was originally from 2014 so we’ve reviewed and revamped it for 2017. Pop in to get your gluten free flour, xanthan gum, organic and sulphite free fruit. We have what you need for your healthy Christmas baking.
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Dealing with Nits naturally – Headlice control

With the schools open again there’s a lot of folk struggling to deal with headlice and nits. Over the counter remedies from pharmacists are increasingly ineffective at dealing with headlice – they are being called supernits! It’s really important to stay on top of the problem.

You need to check your children’s hair regularly for lice. When that dreaded note comes home from school use a nit comb and in good light look for the critters. They like to live on the crown of the head and they particularly like to lay their eggs behind the ears and in the nape of the neck. It can be very difficult to see them and often the first sign is head scratching.
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Summer Beauty Inside and Out

In the third part of our summer beauty blogs we are covering inner health. If you feel good inside you will look better outside. There are so many supplements available to help your inner health – this is just an introduction to some of the products we stock that will improve your summer health. For personalised recommendations please come in to see us in Kanturk or Charleville.
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Products and tips to keep viruses at bay

frostToday was the first really heavy frost and the autumn season has brought with it some nasty viruses. We have heard of several cases of glandular fever, the virus that causes glandular fever is known as Epstein-Barr virus, there’s been hand foot and mouth virus spreading round local schools and nurseries and there has also been a viral chest infection that has been causing many people to feel unwell. We have heard of a few cases of Shingles, Shingles is caused by the reactivation of the dormant chicken pox virus due to reduced immunity / stress.
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Natural Remedies for Fatigue


One of the most common complaints that we hear from our customers at the moment is fatigue. Fatigue and disturbed sleep patterns are often the result of stress. Some people are suffering from shorter term periods of activity and stress, such as students taking exams, whilst other people with a busy lifestyle such as carers or teachers might have longer term stress in their lives. There’s a lot of recommendations here but please come in and have a chat about your own unique lifestyle and we will help you to select the best products for you.

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FREE Taster session: Tai Chi and Mantra Meditation – March 2016


FREE Taster Session:

Tue 1st March, 7.30pm

Wed 2nd March, 7.30pm

Book: 063 30015/029 51922

This Spring, New Leaf, is delighted to present a series of classes which combine the ancient disciplines of Ta’i Chi and Mantra Meditation. These evening classes start in March and take place at 7:30pm on Tuesdays in Kanturk and Wednesdays in Charleville and run for a six week period for €65.

It has long been understood, even since ancient times, that we accumulate stress and anxiety in both mind and body. Over time both mind and body become reservoirs for stress and anxiety. We store them in our systems where they have a detrimental effect on both physical and emotional well-being. We need to develop techniques for cleansing mind and body of these toxic elements.

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DNA Testing for weight loss and well being – now available at New Leaf


Discover your Genetic Profile

There are so many diets out there – giving up carbs, only consuming soups or juices, cutting out sugar etc. But there is no one definitive diet that suits everybody, because everybody is different. Our qualified expert nutritionist Shay Kearney is now offering DNA testing in Kanturk and Charleville. The test is used to generate unique dietary plans to suit the individual. DNA testing used in this fashion was originally developed and used in the training regime of Olympian athletes and is very effective and scientifically based.
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What is CLA 24/7? How can it help with Weight Loss?

cla247-squareTIME FOR TONING

CLA 24/7 is a supplement that has been tailored to support toning and fat burning in females. It combines the three most effective compounds for fat burning and energy production – CLA, green tea extract, and L-Carnitine

Forget skinny, 2016 is the year for strong and athletic women. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the horror stories: strength training makes girls bulky, it’s bad for your joints, and once you have muscle, you can’t stop exercising or it will all turn to fat. It’s the biggest myth in the fitness industry, and it feeds into stereotypes that are keeping so many women from achieving their dream body. Times have changed and there are an increasing amount of females stepping away from the aerobics class and towards the weights. CLA 24/7 is a supplement that has been tailored to support toning and fat burning in females.
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Personalised Gift Box Selections for Men

christmas-presentsOur personalised gift-boxes are always very popular with customers in Kanturk and Charleville and we are now offering them to online customers. Just select your budget and let us know something about the recipient. Delivery is free to Irish addresses for orders over €50. A personal gift message can be included.

It can be difficult to buy for men so we have put together a few selections to inspire you.
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What is “Synergistic Nutrition”? The Terranova product range – 100% vegan

terranova nutrition

Here at New Leaf we demand the highest standards from our suppliers. One company that we have been very impressed with recently is Terranova. We have had a lot of positive feedback from customers as to the effectiveness of the supplements. Terranova Supplements are unusual as they contain a unique combination of plant extracts to help your body to absorb the nutrients. They are also 100% vegan so vegetarians, vegans and everyone else can enjoy the benefits safe in the knowledge that no animal products or testing are involved in their production.
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Have you tried Doctor Mahers 100% natural skin care?


This week’s blog is to let you know about a new range of Irish skin care products that we are stocking in our health shops in Kanturk and Charleville, and which are also available in our online shop. We are all completely blown away by how wonderful our skin is as a result of using Doctor Mahers skin care this is the result of our in shop tests.

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Should you take Turmeric supplements? What are the benefits of Turmeric?


Turmeric is a spice that has been used for many thousands of years and is particularly associated with Indian cookery. It is a root that looks much like ginger but which has a distinct bright yellow colour. In Ireland we generally purchase it as a powder. Turmeric is thought by some people to be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.
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Good Digestion Naturally

avogelimage-digestionWe often deal with customers who are suffering from digestive problems and there are some easy ways to treat problems which can be really effective. Sometimes digestive problems manifest themselves as bad skin not just as indigestion or bowel problems. We often see that in children.

Understanding how your digestive system operates is really important.  The first stage is often forgotten – your digestive process begins when you smell the food. Continue reading