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Supplements: What to look for

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I often get asked what the difference is between our vitamins and the ones that you might see in the supermarket. The vitamins and supplements that we sell are of a very high quality and have high bioavailability. Two of our favourite brands are Viridian and Terranova.

You can be sure that the ingredients in Viridian’s range of vitamins and supplements are ethically sourced. A team of qualified nutritionists review every supplier, every ingredient, and every label so that all the formulations meet their ethical criteria. The entire Viridian range is free from unnecessary additives eg., sugar, preservatives, additives, artificial colours or flavourings, binders or fillers

Supplements work ONLY because of the active ingredients in them. So why are almost all supplements on the market laden with in-active ones? Fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, coating agents, sweeteners, colouring agents, flavouring agents. . . and this list is by no means complete. 

Terranova and Viridian are part of a small number of nutritional supplement companies in the world to completely avoid the use of these additives. 

So why are such additives used in the first place? In the production of tablets, certain additives are actually necessary – such as binders (to help the ingredients bind properly when the tablet is compressed). 

All Terranova and Viridian products are in either 2-piece vegetarian capsules, powder or liquid form, instead of tablets. This means that the use of additives is not necessary. Both companies also use vegetable capsules, despite this being more complex in manufacture than the use of bovine gelatine, for ethical reasons.

Terranova and Viridian put product quality, purity and integrity above cost savings and manufacturing convenience. Among the many reasons why Terranova don’t use them, is that they feel very strongly that avoiding additives allows the activity of, and synergy between, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, plant enzymes and other beneficial compounds to be experienced in the most profound and intense way.