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Your mind matters!

spring daffodils

How you think and what you think matters more than we realise, and more and more we are understanding the power of our own mindset. Just like our ever changing and challenging Irish weather, our reactions to our thoughts can really make a difference to our mental pathways.

“Soft day thank God “ an old disappearing sentence that recognised the weather, yet added gratitude and took the sting out of the probable continual, yet soft, rain that day. 

In these fast paced times, taking that pause to notice how you are feeling, and to open to something that brings you gratitude can really begin to sow seeds of positive thoughts, your thoughts become feelings. Instead of focusing on the rain clouds, you will begin to see the daffodils, standing shining with their yellow happy petals  or honing in to  hear the birds chirping as they build their spring nests, and just maybe, maybe allowing the sunshine to peep through the clouds.

Here in New Leaf we have some effective supplements which can give you a boost by lowering your cortisol levels and reducing stress, some very popular ones include ashwagandha, rhodiola, l-theanine & lemon balm. Probiotics may also help. There is an increasing body of research linking gut health with mental health. For a long time doctors thought that anxiety and depression were a cause of gut problems, but new studies show that it may also be the other way around.

This month our in-house hypnotherapist, Irene Ryan, is offering a free information evening on Hypnotherapy which will entail insights as to the benefits of this therapy but also how it works, some demonstrations on the night and a deep guided relaxation to bring your own thinking machine back into calm and ease, ready to face whatever your next day brings! 

Introduction to Hypnotherapy evening …. Tuesday 16th April, 2024

 (light refreshments, limited spaces so booking is essential)

Contact Irene on 0868272042/ [email protected]