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Sports Nutrition – Fit for Life – Part 1: Protein

athlete-2-1041406-mIt is vital that all who are involved in sports pay attention to their nutritional needs. Athletes need more nutrients than less-active people. They demand more from their bodies and so they must compensate with the right nutrients from foods and supplements to maintain performance and recovery at it peak.

At New Leaf, staff have built up a reputation for personal advice on the optimum nutritional needs of sports persons. They recognise that different people have different needs, different sports have different physical demands on the athletes, and even within sports there might be differences. For example, in rugby the needs of a winger are quite different to those of a prop.

Also, it is important to note that injuries in children and young people involved in sports can be prevented through keeping their bodies in optimum condition and paying attention to nutrition.

Protein helps the body recover

Protein is important in the recovery process after sports. Due to the necessity to take it immediately upon finishing a session, protein supplements are the perfect solution for many sportspersons. Protein supplements should only be taken by those who take part in physical exercise and are particularly beneficial to those who are involved in contact sports or who are prone to injury.

ON - sportAt New Leaf, a whole range of pure and natural protein supplements to help the muscles recover are stocked, such as the popular ON-sport range, other natural sources of pure protein are also available including Pulsin hemp or soya, and Sunwarrior rice proteins, which are very clean and natural and can make a huge difference if used correctly. They are great mixed into a smoothie or in water. Staff can help and advise on the optimum choice of supplement for the individual.

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