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For me, the health and wellbeing of the animals and birds we share the planet with comes a very close second to my passion for which I have for my business here at New Leaf

The recent issue of poachers illegally shooting deer around my native Rockchapel and terrifying locals and animals has prompted me to organise a ‘Love Your Land’ event which I hope will help raise awareness regarding the beauty of our countryside and the important role each animal plays in it’s ecology.

A Forest Walk in the Island Wood at 12pm will set the scene for what promises to be a truly enjoyable and informative afternoon which will feature guest speakers.

The Love Your Land event will be held at the Secret Garden, Newmarket, on next Sunday, Feb.16th from 3pm to 5pm and will be hosted by New Leaf, The Secret Garden, and Animal Magic Rescue.

Along with brief talks, there will be a host of other fun events and activities for all the family.

Issues addressed will include Hunting in the Duhallow area which continues to be a controversial issue in rural communities, with particular emphasis on Deer Hunting which is dangerous and illegal. We particularly want to reach out to landowners and make them aware that they have the right to maintain animals on their property.