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Relax and enjoy yourself

relaxedcatYou can’t enjoy a party unless you let go of your stress, so here are some suggestions for some stress busting in the run up to Christmas.

atlanticaromaticsTry an aromatic bath bath embellished with essential oils. Petitgrain and Yarrow are both extremely powerful relaxants, but take care driving after using them. Rosemary oil will lift your spirits or try a festive scent in an oil burner like “Winter magic” by Atlantic Aromatics to get you in the party spirit.

koyumatchaToo much caffeine can increase stress so increase your intake of Herbal Teas. Herbal teas can have a powerful effect on your body and we have many different infusions by Yogi, Clipper and Pukka. Koyu Matcha Tea is excellent. The Green gives you a boost of energy and the Red is powerful against stress.

Indulge in some natural aphrodisiacs

koreanginsengGinseng, as mentioned in our first seasonal post, is a stimulant which is reputed to help boost sex drive particularly in men, remember that men should use Korean Ginseng.

Or get some new essential oils for your burner, try Ylang Ylang and Neroli which are both reputed to have aphrodisiac properties.