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When consuming alcohol…

christmas drinksOver the festive season many people tend to drink more alcohol than usual. Moderation is always important when drinking alcohol, but there are natural remedies to help your body deal with the party season.

Milk thistle is a brilliant herbal supplement to compensate overindulgent nights, which are potentially damaging to the liver. Research suggests that Milk Thistle can both protect and help repair the liver.

milkthistlemilk-thistle-50mlmilk thistle

To prevent dehydration, coconut water is fantastic and delicious. Beware if you are tempted to use coconut water as a mixer for your rum, it might taste very good, but it will increase the body’s ability to absorb the alcohol, so moderation is very important if you take it before or with drink. Coconut water is a lovely drink for the morning after, a natural hangover remedy to rehydrate you and restore vitality.

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