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Helping your body deal with rich food

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinnerThe change in eating habits over the festive season, an increase in alcohol, fats and sugar, can have a bad effect on certain people, especially those with IBS or who suffer from constipation.

Viridian Fibre ComplexTaking Viridian Fibre complex can help keep the bowels moving and help the body to process the food. It can help to reduce cholesterol and also boosts the immune system.

equinoxelixirAt New Leaf we have found that Equinox Elixir is an excellent digestive aid when taken before a rich meal. If taken between meals it has a detoxifying effect.

lepicol plusLepicol plus is an excellent digestive aid. Lepicol is a multi-fibre source product containing gentle psyllium husk known to maintain normal bowel transit, as well as inulin which is a prebiotic fibre source. We highly recommend this to the elderly, those with IBS or those who are stressed.

digestiveaidWe have had great reports of Viridian Digestive Aid. A vegan combination of enzymes, betaine hydrochloride, peppermint and ginger to help promote a healthy and well-balanced environment for digestion to take place with optimum efficiency. An alternative to over the counter antacids.

solgar digestive enzymesSolgar’s Digestive Enzymes are another excellent product to assist your body during the Christmas period.