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Healthy Irish Cider Vinegar

cider vinegar

At New Leaf we have recently started stocking Gilbert Murphy Premium Raw Cider Vinegar which is made locally in Kilfinane in the foothills of the Ballyhoura Mountains. This amazing Apple Cider Vinegar is made from 100% undiluted Irish apple juice which undergoes a double fermentation process. This produces enzymes and beneficial bacteria known as “The Mother” The Mother often looks like a cloudy residue at the bottom of the bottle but don’t be put off – Cider vinegar which doesn’t have any residue at the bottom has had the mother filtered out.

We are also now stocking Gilbert Murphy Premium Raw Cider Vinegar blended with Honey. It’s a great new product for the many customers who used to get “Honegar” from us before it was  discontinued.

Cider vinegar is delicious in cooking and in preserves and historically it has also been used for its healthsomeness – for example for weight management, joint health and digestive health.  There has been a lot of research into its potential to improve the health and  to balance blood sugars, however the results are inconclusive and there aren’t any authorised health claims for Cider Vinegar in the EU. That said, honey and vinegar are both rich sources of vitamins and minerals. For instance, vitamin C exists in honey, while vinegar contains vitamin B-12 and vitamin K.  Both cider vinegar and honey contain several antioxidants.

Many people like to drink Cider Vinegar diluted as a refreshing morning tonic whilst other people use it as an ingredient in their cooking. Your dishes will be improved by using this excellent premium product, you really can taste the difference. Gilbert Murphy Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey makes a fabulous cucumber salad, or try making a sweet and sour honey-garlic glaze on your meat, fish or vegetables when you are barbecuing. Make some colourful devilled eggs for your next picnic or just make a simple vinaigrette dressing for your summer salads that tastes amazing.