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Products and tips to keep viruses at bay

frostToday was the first really heavy frost and the autumn season has brought with it some nasty viruses. We have heard of several cases of glandular fever, the virus that causes glandular fever is known as Epstein-Barr virus, there’s been hand foot and mouth virus spreading round local schools and nurseries and there has also been a viral chest infection that has been causing many people to feel unwell. We have heard of a few cases of Shingles, Shingles is caused by the reactivation of the dormant chicken pox virus due to reduced immunity / stress.

With so much virus activity around us we need to make sure that we give our immune systems a boost.

Reduce refined sugar intake

Refined sugars are bad for your health. Did you know that Sugar impacts your white blood cells by competing for space in those cells with Vitamin C thereby reducing your immunity. Try to avoid sugars as much as you can, and don’t be dipping in the leftover halloween sweeties!

Avoid processed foods, instead cook from raw ingredients and make soups, stews and stirfries. If you cook from scratch you can control the amount of sugars, fats and salt that are contained in your foods. You can add in fresh health promoting foods like garlic, ginger and turmeric to give yourself a boost.


Historically, Echinacea angustifolia was used extensively by the North American Plains Indians for general medical purposes and is believed by many to be a superb immunity booster. It has been found to be antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial.

A Vogel’s Echinaforce is a great product because it is made from both the root and the flower so it has greater health benefits than some other brands which only include extracts from the flower.

Vitamin D3

d3imgVitamin D3 is essential for ensuring calcium enters the bone, it helps to strengthen teeth and bones and also ensures a robust immune system protecting the body from the common cold to a growing list of auto-immune diseases.

dluxVitamin D3 is obtained naturally through sunshine and is produced by the skin. Dietary sources for vitamin D3 include fortified foods, eggs and fatty fish. For many reasons people aren’t getting as much sunshine as they did in the past, SPF protection can also effect the skin’s ability to produce this essential vitamin so that it can be very helpful to take it as a supplement. Most commonly-available Vitamin D3 supplements are derived from the lanolin in sheep’s wool. The D3 supplement from Viridian Nutrition provides vegan Vitamin D3 naturally-derived from lichen.

Some people prefer a D3 Spray such as the BetterYou DLUX spray which is really easy to take and is especially useful for people who struggle with tablets and capsules.

Specialist Products to keep colds and Flu at Bay

sambucollogoSambucol is a great tasting food supplement packed with Black Elderberries. Black elderberries contain naturally occurring flavonoids. Sambucol Immuno Forte also contains Vitamin C and Zinc, which are well known for their ability to support the immune system. Sambucol is made from Black Elderberries which have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system by helping neutralise the harmful effect of free radicals. Click here to see the Sambucol products in our online shop.

A new product from Terranova that you might like to try is Elderberry & Olive Leaf Super Blend. Take it in water or juice to boost your immunity.