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Dealing with Nits naturally – Headlice control

With the schools open again there’s a lot of folk struggling to deal with headlice and nits. Over the counter remedies from pharmacists are increasingly ineffective at dealing with headlice – they are being called supernits! It’s really important to stay on top of the problem.

You need to check your children’s hair regularly for lice. When that dreaded note comes home from school use a nit comb and in good light look for the critters. They like to live on the crown of the head and they particularly like to lay their eggs behind the ears and in the nape of the neck. It can be very difficult to see them and often the first sign is head scratching.

Treating headlice naturally

Headlice have a three week life cycle and with their increasing resistance to pesticides there’s very few treatments which will kill them all, lice and eggs, in a single treatment.

We recommend using a conditioner to help to loosen the eggs and to suffocate the lice, minimising their movement. Then combing through the hair with a nit comb to remove all eggs and lice. Recent research has shown that conditioner is as effective at loosening the eggs as more expensive over the counter treatments. We recommend Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner as it is close to the chemistry of the body and effective and it’s natural, mild and not tested on animals:

1) apply the conditioner to dry hair – cover it all, be lavish with the conditioner. You will need to use at least 50mls depending on the length of the hair.
2) wait for 2 hours (The glue holding on the eggs will be loosened and the adult lice will be suffocated and unable to move)
3) comb through the hair with a fine toothed nit comb to remove all the lice and nits. It can be helpful to use clips to divide the hair into sections so that you can ensure that you have combed through every strand. It can make it easier to wet the hair when you are combing it – and it’s good to keep rinsing the comb to keep it clean.
4) wash out with Faith in Nature Neem and Propolis shampoo which will act as a repellent and is a natural pest control.

You should repeat this process at least once a week for three weeks to be sure to have got rid of the critters. Thereafter the use of neem shampoo should repel a repeat invasion and repeating the combing through of conditioner every fortnight should help keep your child free from the dreaded lice.

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