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Back to school: immune system boosters

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Kids and adults alike need certain nutrients and vitamins in the diet to help boost their immune systems to aid in protecting against colds, viruses and all the other germs they might be exposed to. 

Vitamin D is essential for immune health. Spending time outdoors in the sunshine is the most common source of vitamin D but in autumn and winter (and in poor weather) we don’t get enough. The highest doses of vitamin D are in foods that many children dislike, e.g.  oily fish and mushrooms, so a supplement can be helpful, Better You Vitamin D Oral Spray is a great choice, it’s easy to take and particularly useful for kids who don’t like taking tablets. 

Vitamin C is best if it is sourced in the diet from a variety of fruit and vegetables, but many children are fussy about their diets and so supplementing with a supplement can be useful. NaturesPlus Orange Gummies are a delicious way to give them a boost.

70% of the immune system is located in the gut and a diverse range of bacteria is best. In the diet there are fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi which are helpful sources. Bad bacteria, which can cause stomach upsets and weakened immune systems are encouraged by a sugary and processed diet.  The more good bacteria, the better, so it can be a good idea to supplement. Pro Bio Kids is a new product from NaturesPlus. It is a tasty berry flavour chewable which contains a massive 7 billion live beneficial bacteria from 16 strains.

Omega 3 oils aren’t the first thing we think of when we think of our immune systems, but they strengthen the cell walls, help our bodies to kill pathogens and aid in promoting a strong immune response, if we are exposed to a virus, pathogen or bacteria. In our diets Omega 3 is sourced from oily fish, seeds and eggs. If you want to boost the levels your children are getting, consider Nordic Naturals sugar free Gummy Chews

There are adult versions of all the supplements mentioned above available.