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It’s Virus Season – here are some tips to make (and keep) you well


We have had a lot of customers (and some staff) suffering from a virulent virus that is doing the rounds. It begins with a slight sore throat and then (depending on the sufferer) it can travel to the chest, stomach or ears. So these are some tips to help you avoid catching it and to get you well again.

Did you know that a spoon of white sugar actually reduces your white cell count (ie immunity) by around 40% for up to three hours. That is the reason that there are so many people sick after halloween.

sugar reduces immunity

Stop eating sugar!!!

Firstly you should avoid processed sugar to keep your immune system full strength. You should also be sure to wash your hands – hand to nose contact is a common way for viruses to be transmitted – maybe you touch a door handle that someone might have touched then touch your nose and you are scuppered! You can get rid of viruses in the air by burning essential oils. Both Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil are anti-viral so burn them to keep the air clear of viruses. We have lavender in our oil burner in the shop today! Also open the windows for a while in the mornings to let in some clean air and blow out any lurking viruses in the air.

Natural remedies

oregano-oilTo help with symptons, we recommend that you try oregano oil capsules, they have shown themselves to be very effective. Oregano contains chemicals that show themselves to reduce coughs, is found to help digestion by increasing bile flow and it is good at fighting against viruses.

If your ears are effected

Wild oregano oil will help. You can break the capsules and use it as an inhalation or you can take it orally as a capsule or in water.

If you have an upset stomach

If your stomach is effected, Clove bud complex can help. It kills pathogens and is powerful, but people with certain conditions should avoid it so always read the label. It is found to work really well when used in conjunction with probiotics. Optibac do great quality probiotics for both adults and children

Remedies for sore throats

vir-enicaMost people are finding that their throats are effected by the virus that is going round. If your throat is effected we recommend echinacea tincture and Pukka elderberry syrup or you can try A Vogel throat spray for instant relief.


For the recovery period and to keep yourself well

Quest Kyolic Garlic Tablets are fantastic for boosting immunity and general health. You should also take a good quality multivitamin such as Terra Nova Full Spectrum multivitamin

For children

sambucolTo keep children healthy and to give them help with recovery we highly recommend Animal Parade Gold multivitamins which are specially developed for children. For those needing some relief or to boost the immune system to ward off illness try Sambucol – For Kids

Stay healthy and call in to have a chat about your health issues anytime 🙂