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Meditation As A Way Of Healing

Michael Roberts

It is our nature to seek out healing in many different forms. One way is through meditation, which is non verbal.

Our true nature is non verbal, but to live in the world that’s ever changing puts our physical, spiritual and emotional being under great stress.

Medically it is a known fact that many debilitating illness are stress related.

Not only does stress make us unhappy it can also make us ill.

Extreme stress over prolonged period has a devastating effect on our immune system. reducing stress helps us to feel better, it can actually help in healing many physical ailments.

This is where meditation comes in. Meditation synchronizes what your body is doing with your mind. this is knowing as [Abiding In Peace Of Mind].

The mind loves a challenge. So it can be compared to a image of a candle flame flickering in the breeze, tossed around by the impact of the environment perceiving everything as a means to gain experience. When our mind gets used perceiving every-thing as suffering or negative aspects of what is real.

As theses experiences become stronger what most appears to us will be the cause of our unhappiness. So the joy contentment that we seek becomes a endless search. So we blame all our problems and unhappiness on external conditions alone, and our fear of the world increase in us.

Meditation is putting a glass cover over the candles flickering flame, letting it burn steadily, this then leads to a calm state of realized awareness of every aspect of the situation as it really is. This then allows one to develop insight into one-self and appropriate right action.

When ones body and mind are synchronized, ones actions mesh with the environment truly as it is.

Michael Roberts H. Dip U.C.C

Michael Hosts Meditation sessions on Tuesdays at 7:30pm
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