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Great news – New Leaf is expanding

Winifred Downey, Mairead O'Keeffe and Terena Harrington
Winifred Downey, Mairead O’Keeffe and Terena Harrington
Mairéad O’Keeffe is proud to announce that she and her team plan to open a new branch of New Leaf in Charleville.

New Leaf is a thriving Health Shop and Holistic Centre in Kanturk. With Mairéad O’Keeffe at the helm since 2011 it has gone from strength to strength and Mairéad and manager Terena Harrington have seen the demand for alternative health grow.

With the new location in Charleville still a secret at present, it is with great excitement that New Leaf announces the forthcoming second branch. Just like in Kanturk, the new branch in Charleville will not only be a shop but also a Holistic Centre.

Offering more than health products

The Holistic Centre is an important part of New Leaf. Therapists have the opportunity to use the space to work with clients. New Leaf Kanturk offers a wide range of therapies and courses including Yoga, Pilates, Kinesiology, Counselling and Meditation. It is intended that a complete range of therapies also be available in Charleville.

Having a vibrant holistic centre means that there is a wonderful community of people at the heart of New Leaf and it is that knowledgable happy environment and ethos that Mairéad will be bringing to, and expanding in, Charleville.

A Focus on Customer Service

In a climate of recession and economic downturn, Mairéad tries to pinpoint what has made New Leaf a success. “It is a combination of hard-work and a focus on good customer service. We want every customer to feel that we are able to give them quality information to help them make an informed decision and to leave the shop having enjoyed their visit.”

It is very important to Mairéad O’Keeffe that her staff are qualified to advise customers on the huge range of healthcare products available. New Leaf prides itself on helping people to navigate the products and make informed choices about what to use, recognising that everyone is different and needs something different. Staff training has already begun in Charleville to ensure that the same quality of service exists in the new branch as it is in Kanturk.

Spreading knowledge in the community

New Leaf takes a proactive approach to provide the local community information about alternative therapies by giving talks about health issues and the treatments available. Mairéad and Terena have spoken to many groups, including the ICA, Macra na Feirme, Over 65s and The Men’s Shed, offering natural solutions to specific areas of health, such as women’s health, men’s health, the menopause and stress.

Supporting Irish Products

Mairéad O’Keeffe is strict about the quality of products that she stocks in the shop. Customers can feel confident that the quality of service is matched by the quality of products. She sources Irish products as much as is possible from companies like Independent Irish Health in Ballyvourna and the Natural Medicine Company.

As an independent company, New Leaf is able to source a diverse range of products from many sources and is not restricted in what it can sell. New Leaf sources specific products for individual customers as part of the exemplary service offered.

Giving everyone access to alternative healthcare

Branching out and reaching out is not a new concept for Mairéad O’Keeffe. New Leaf has an online store (www.newleafonline.ie) where people can shop for products, and make contact with the staff and the practitioners, bringing alternative healthcare to those who might not live near to an outlet or centre.

Mairéad O’Keeffe said, “Just like Henry Ford wanted everyone to be able to afford a motor car, I believe that everyone in Ireland, no matter where they live, should have access to alternative and holistic health solutions.”

Mairéad believes that Charleville is a fantastic place to be opening a new branch and is excited to be bringing all that New Leaf offers there. With the hard-work and determination of Mairéad O’Keeffe and Terena Harrington, Ireland will become a better informed and healthier place.

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