MGO Manuka Honey 550+ 250g

MGO™550+ (Active 25+) Manuka Honey has naturally minimum 550mg/kg methylgyoxal content which is responsible for the anti-bacterial properties in the honey.


Manuka honey is the only 100% natural food in the world shown to have EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE anti-bacterial activity due to the active compound – Dietary Methylglyoxal which forms naturally in the manuka plant. Manuka Health measures methylglyoxal content based on standards developed by University of Dresden. The higher the MGO™ Manuka honey rating the higher the level of anti-bacterial activity in the honey.

Manuka Honey is collected from a plant that is unique to New Zealand – Leptospermum scoparium. The white flowers appear in spring and are much loved by the honey bees. Manuka flowers have a strong, aromatic fragrance and are full of the nectar which provides this dark, creamy honey.

Today the health applications for MGO™ Manuka honey have greatly expanded and new areas are continually emerging.

As well as providing the well-known benefits of natural honey against winter ills and chills, the MGO™ Manuka honeys have even proven effective in supporting good digestive health, wound healing and healthy skin, aiding the recovery from a sore throat and stomach ulcers. Demand for MGO™ Manuka honey as a natural health solution is growing rapidly worldwide.

MGO™ Manuka honey is suitable for everyday use and can be used as a long-term maintenance dose. It can be taken by eating or application to the skin surface. You will find it has a wonderful taste all of its own and can be enjoyed the same as any other natural honey.

For internal use with ulcers and gastritis, spread 1 tablespoon of honey on toast and eat one hour before meals and at bedtime.

For internal use with sore throats, cold and flu, allow 1 teaspoon of honey to gently melt in mouth, slowly coating the throat, 4 times daily.

For external use: Typically, about 1 tablespoon of active Manuka honey is used on a 4″ x 4″ dressing. It is generally more effective to spread the honey on the bandage than directly on the wound.


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