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XYLITOL is great news for diabetics! With XYLITOL you can have your cake, coffee AND snacks – happily. Unlike other sugars, XYLITOL is metabolized without insulin and therefore creates a significantly lower glycemic effect when consumed. Diabetics who use XYLITOL as an alternative to table sugar enjoy steady blood sugar levels at all times. This in contrast to the dangerously fluctuating blood sugar levels one would otherwise have to worry about.

XYLITOL-based products are promoted and endorsed by both the US Food and Drug Administration and the British Dental Association. XYLITOL is a truly tooth-friendly sugar. Not only does it not advance tooth decay; XYLITOL has been found to help teeth repair minor cavities caused by dental caries.

XYLITOL stops bacteria from becoming to the tissues in the mouth, nose, and throat. XYLITOL has also been found to inhibit the growth of Pneumococci. Doctors have harnessed this phenomenon and are using XYLITOL to reduce the symptoms of middle ear infections (otitis media), particularly in children. Studies have also shown that XYLITOL is effective in treatment for Candida yeast infections and in preventing acute otitis media (AOM) when delivered in syrup or chewing gum and; thereby decreasing the need for antibiotics. XYLITOL also promotes estrogen levels in the body; building healthy bones.