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Every cell in your body has a vitamin D receptor but shockingly, nearly half of people may be Vitamin D deficient. The problem is we’re spending too much time indoors, at work, and on screens, missing out on the natural health benefits of sunshine.

Research shows that Vitamin D supports your body’s vital functions. It aids in strong bones, a healthy heart, and improves immunity. Plus it provides pregnancy support and promotes healthy ageing. Studies have shown that people with levels between 100 -150 nmol/L have the lowest all-cause mortality. This is why nutritional experts are now recommending higher D3 doses to boost your defences.

So how do you know if you’re getting enough Vitamin D? The only way to know if you’re deficient, and potentially at risk, is to test your Vitamin D3 biomarker. Odds are you’re not getting enough Vitamin D.