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While other beverages claim to be the before, during, and after sports hydrator, we don’t. Sure, Vita Coco is stacked with potassium, and is as natural as natural gets (some say it’s like putting a straw in a coconut). Vita Coco is about hydration. And hydration is important no matter what you do. It’s okay if you’re not a marathon runner, a football player or a Tour de France winner. Life is hectic enough, and you should be hydrated while you live it. Go ahead, get hydrated and remember that life is a sport.

Vita Coco’s unflavoured coconut water is all-natural, nutrient-dense and an excellent source of hydration. These unflavoured coconut waters are produced in South America, Southeast Asia and Mexico, and as taste and colour may vary, so do nutrient levels. The nutrition facts panel detailing ingredients and nutrient levels, as well as country of origin appears on the side of every unit sold.