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What is Citricidal Liquid?
Our popular Citricidal liquid is made from grapefruits. Grapefruits are naturally rich in antioxidants and essential oils. Ideal as part of a natural first aid kit, grapefruit seed extract is well known for its many uses. It can be taken orally and used around the home and when travelling. Always use diluted, mix a few drops in water or juice.

Why is ours better?
Screened for contaminants, our best-selling formula is guaranteed for safety and quality so you have peace of mind when you take it that you are getting exactly what you want and nothing more.
What’s more our updated formula means you have no bitter taste, meaning it is much more palatable to take.
Its thick glycerine based formula makes dose adjustment easy.

Who is this for?
A must for anyone in the home, or out and about when travelling- wherever it is needed.
Multi-purpose – perfect for a wide range of uses.

Citricidal can be used for sore throats, as a mouthwash for oral hygiene, bleeding gums, washing fruits, added to suspected tainted water and for the treatment of candida and other fungal infections.

From candida crusaders to immune buffs – Citricidal has something to offer everyone.
A note of caution though – it is not suitable for those avoiding grapefruit due to their medication. Indeed if you are on any medication – it is always wise to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

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