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Product Description
Doctor Mahers has developed the ‘Eco-C’ Method™ for the production of the Eutopia Body Wash, a patentable green technology that not only delivers a more beneficial product than traditional methods, but also results in a reduced carbon footprint, with an estimated 80% energy saving in the manufacture of liquid soap products.

The beneficial properties of the ingredients are protected from damage because the process allows for minimal heating of the ingredients and results in far superior skin-conditioning properties.

Independent scientific tests have revealed extraordinary beneficial qualities for Doctor Maher’s Eutopia Body Wash. Antioxidants are present at up to 25 times higher than leading international brands. Barrier function, which is the ability for the product to prevent water loss from the skin is high, having up to 10 times more essential fatty acids than leading competitor products. This product is concentrated, containing 340% more active ingredient and up to 80 times more natural emollients (moisturisers) than the highest industry norms.

Try it today and be luxuriously pampered!

This body wash boasts superior emoliency, soothing bioactive extracts and Phycophar™ & Phytophar™ proprietary extract complexes. It is hypoallergenic, formulated with the most gentle ingredients and dermatologically approved. Our phyto-intensive complexes work to enhance the skin’s vital functions; hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and revitalization.

Other benefits of the body wash include;

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritancy, ricinoleic acid(CLA)
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types
  • Anti-aging
  • supports healthy skin renewal
  • protects against environmental stresses
  • amino acid enriched