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The Emergency Essence blend contains the same traditional Bach Rescue five flower combination, plus many more useful and supportive essences tThis combination of essences may help maintain equilibrium of mood and mind, and provides support during times of anxiety, alarm and distress.

Cherry Plum – for losing control and panic.
Clematis Grounding – to prevent unconsciousness, fainting.
Rock Rose – to calm extreme terror and paralysing anxieties.
Star of Bethlehem – for emergencies and the after effects, which can be long term.
Impatiens – to ease irritability, tension or pain.
Yarrow – to protect from stressful circumstance in the environment and from others.
Red Clover – particularly for those working in stressful conditions such as hospitals.
Orange Hawkweed – to re-energise those areas of the system affected by trauma.
Sweet Chestnut – for extreme anguish or bereavement.
Bluebell – for when situations are overwhelming and may prove frightening and traumatic.


For immediate use. Take a few drops in a small glass of water and sip over 15 minutes. One dose may not be enough so give as often as is required. Can put directly on tongue.

For any difficult emotional situations. Rows, upsets, sudden bad news, disappointments, children’s tantrums
Bereavement. Very helpful for acute stages. Star of Bethlehem is called the ‘comforter of sorrows’, helps to move on the grieving process. May release tears, but they will have a healing effect.

Challenging events. Court cases, driving test, auditions, complaining, moving house, public speaking


Put five drops directly on the tongue or in a little water. The effect is cumulative and should ideally be taken over 10 to 15 minutes for the best effects. Take until all symptoms have subsided.

As a maintenance dose put 5 drops in a little water three times a day for up to one week.

For an acute bereavement take as a long term course and for an on-coming stressful event, such as a public performance. In cases such as this, do not expect the blend to take way ALL anxiety, a little is known to enhance a performance.

Put twelve drops in 50ml of still spring water in a spray bottle, add seven drops of essential oil, and mist around the room. Great if a children’s party is getting out of hand!


This is the only Essence to use alongside any of the other blends – try taking Emergency Essence night and morning, and the other blends during the day.

Keep a bottle with you at all times.

For ongoing conditions consult a doctor. Always read the label.