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The perfect gift for that someone special who deserves to be pampered.

The Doctor Mahers Face & Body Gift Box consists of the following products:

Eutopia Facial Wash (75ml)
Eutopia Body Wash (75ml)
Vitalize Cleansing Bar (100g)
7 Berry Face Serum (15ml)
Absolute 54 Moisturiser (15ml)

The Doctor Mahers Story
The Irish Atlantic Coastline on the Western edge of Europe. A haven of beauty in land and seascape that has remained unspoilt for millennia. A platform for the formation of an ecosystem that is precious and unique and where generations of people have lived in harmony with their natural surroundings. This is the environment where Dr. Neil Maher grew up and learned the valuable attributes of the seaweed that he and his father harvested and sold locally. He gained a life-long respect for the natural world and its bounty. Having gained his doctorate in biochemistry, Neil spent many years working in research in France. In time, he returned to Ireland and gained a reputation as an authority on the many and varied benefits of seaweed. He partnered with a local entrepreneur, Seamus Lynch, who shared a similar vision of creating a brand of body care products that harnessed the power of botanical and marine plants. Their goal was to develop a chemical-free premium range that held effective amounts of potent natural ingredients.

meticulous research with revolutionary processes

This commitment to standards is achieved through meticulous research, quality-assured ingredients and innovative processes. Doctor Maher’s has developed the revolutionary Eco-C Method for making natural cleansers. This proprietary cold process protects the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients, because it allows for minimal heating and results in a far superior skin-conditioning product. Traditional processes use 140 ̊ plus heat for several hours to saponify which ultimately degrades ingredients of value.

Independent testing of the Eutopia Body Wash has shown that it inhibits microbes, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, fungi. Hospital dermatology departments have reported Eutopia Body Wash to be very effective in the treatment of leg ulcers and wound healing and in dealing with the plaque associated with psoriasis and eczema (hyperkeratosis).

Doctor Maher’s Absolute 54 is the only preservative and emulsifier-free moisturising cream manufactured in Ireland. In addition, it is the only moisturiser available on the market that contains Omega 3 DHA, a hugely beneficial compound that protects the collagen in the skin from UV damage and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.