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The distinct formula of our Cleansing Cream makes it a very unique product. Mixed with a little water between your hands, the Cleansing Cream starts to soften and you start to experience its entire spectrum of effects. Cleansing Cream cleanses and gentle exfoliates, softening and balancing, refining and revitalizing your complexion. This gentle cleanser exfoliates and supports the skin’s natural protective function, preparing it for a toner and day or night care. For all skin conditions.

  • Sweet almond meal gently exfoliates and absorbs excess oil and impurities
  • Anthyllis and calendula extracts calm and clarify the complexion
  • St. John’swort and chamomile extracts soothe skin
  • Unique “Press & Roll” application method stimulates the skin’s ability to cleanse itself and lifts away dead, dull skin
  • Used twice a day, Cleansing Cream lasts approximately 3 weeks

Cleanse in the morning and evening.

Moisten face and neck with warm face cloth.
Mix 1-2 cm (1/2 inch) of Cleansing Cream with water in the palms to form a smooth, creamy paste.
Press gently into the skin with a rolling motion (roll hands in and away in a wave-like motion, starting in the centre of the forehead then slowly working outward and down, ending at the décolleté. Use gentle movements.
Continue this press and roll motion for 1- 3 minutes (less time for sensitive skin and more for oily/ combination skin.
Do not rub–this is not a face scrub.
Avoid the eye area.
Dampen your hands again.
Rinse with plenty of warm water then finish with a splash of cool, fresh water to close pores.
For sensitive skin use warm water only.

For a complete skin care routine use Dr Hauschka’s Soothing Cleansing Milk and Facial Toner after the Cleansing Cream.

√ Vegetarian

√ Vegan

Skin Conditions:
For all skin types including sensitive skin