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Child Essence is designed to bring balance to a child’s behaviour. Promoting confidence, it can also help them move through the several stages of growing up with greater ease.

  • Does your child have temper tantrums, get distressed and need calming down?
  • Get hyperactive and full on? Often fractious and difficult?
  • Need help adjusting to a new school or home?
  • Is your child nervous and shy?
  • Lacking in confidence?
  • Need a lot of attention?


  • Bluebell for the full on, fractious child, brings stillness and calm.
  • Chamomile calms emotional turmoil and restlessness, brings peace.
  • Cherry Plum for the classic temper tantrums, which can frighten the child, brings calm and control.
  • Mimulus for the shy, nervous, sensitive child, who is frightened of everything, brings courage.
  • Vervain for the hyperactive type who has difficulty relaxing and settling to sleep.
  • Walnut to help a child adjust to changes i.e. new school, step parents etc.
  • Chicory for the child who needs excessive attention, and doesn’t like being on their own.
  • Impatiens for the irritable child, who often squabbles with other children.
  • Larch for the child who lacks confidence and needs a lot of encouragement to do things.
  • Pink cherry for those moments when a child needs a bit of extra comfort and love.

The Child Essence has many and varied applications and is essentially an essence to normalise and balance extremes of behaviour. It is designed to give support for a child’s ongoing needs, throughout the years of a child’s development.

For example, it is ideal for the shy, nervous child who needs courage and confidence, so give to a child who is being bullied. There are times when fear can be covered up with aggressive behaviour, so give for the squabbling, hyperactive and fractious child who needs to relax and calm down.

It’s ideal for the toddler who has temper tantrums and needs excessive attention, it will calm them and help them to feel more loved and supported. Sometimes the problem is more of a family issue, rather than specifically the fault of the child. Whatever the details of the situation, this essence will bring comfort to the child who might be frightened by life circumstances. If the child calms down and is easier to handle, the mother will also relax and life will improve. Ideally the whole family would benefit from taking flower essences, but particularly the mother. The Female Essence would be a good choice, as it would give her the calmness and strength to cope better.

Children 2 – 6years: Three drops in alittle water, three times a day.
Children 7 – 14years: Five drops in alittle water, three times a day.

If the child is a nervous type, give him or her a one-off dose before setting off to their various clubs or classes. It will give them confidence and help them to relax with the other children and enjoy themselves more.