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The NEW black bioBAND. This combination pack includes a bioBAND to wear on your wrist and a smartDOT for one of your devices. We recommend using the smartDOT on your mobile phone as that is the device you carry with you most often. BioDOT has an energising effect with an element of relaxation and smartDOT has a stress-reducing physiological effect. In a customer survey overall 67% found they had improved focus and concentration since using bioDOT & smartDOT (105 out of 156).

The bioBAND and smartDOT® combination is the perfect introduction to energydots.
In a customer survey conducted in March 2021 “Overall 76% found they had an improved sense of overall wellbeing since using bioDOT and smartDOT (118 out of 156).”

Kickstart your wellness program by using them every day. Programmed differently, smartDOT® and bioDOT™ releases natural frequencies to support overall wellbeing. smartDOT should be attached to a wireless device, such as a Wi-Fi router, mobile phone or tablet, whereas the bioDOT™ should be worn.

In physiological testing the smartDOT® EMF protection device showed a stress reducing effect. The bioDOT showed an energising effect with an element of relaxation. Read the BION Institute peer-reviewed studies to learn more.

Features at a glance
At the core of bioBAND is bioDOT™ by energydots®. bioDOT™ energy support is a low-powered magnet programmed with a clever recipe of frequencies tested to support your body’s energy field. It is designed to recharge your batteries and increase your resilience to EMFs and other energetic disturbances which may cause symptoms of electro-stress.
A comfortable option for 24/7 EMF protection. bioBAND is made from a stretchy medical-grade silicone which makes it perfect for everyday use.
bioDOT™ has an operating radius of 1 meter. Simply wear on your person and enjoy.
Both bioDOT™ and smartDOT® do not need replacing and will retain their programming signature indefinitely.
Designed, programmed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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Polycontrast Research
bioDOT™ is a precaution from the symptoms that some people experience with EMF exposure, such as headaches, lack of energy, tension and anxiety and is also tested with Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP).

Double-blind Studies
smartDOT® is a precaution from EMF exposure. The BION Institute has physiologically tested it and their study has been peer reviewed. Double-blind studies using red blood cell microscopy and medical thermal imaging have also been conducted. In a smartDOT user survey “Overall 69% responded that heating effect on the head/ear when using a phone occurred Less often since using smartDOT (183 out of 267).

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: Small (160mm), Medium (180mm), Large (200mm), X-Large (220mm)
Weight: .10g
Material: Medical Grade Silicone, Surgical Steel, Magnetic Sheeting, Acrylic Vinyl
Colour: Blue, Grey, Purple, Red, White
Operating Radius: 1 meter
Power Source: Comes charged, no power source or battery needed
Waterproof: Yes
Box Contents: 1 x bioBAND, 1 x smartDOT disc + instructions