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For 75cl Bottle


> Pack of two filters for 75cl bottle

> Filters 200 litres of water (roughly 3 months)

Bannow Pure Water Bottle filter works by filtering the water as the user drinks, removing 99.9% of all contaminants! It uses unique tiny pores created using nano-technology to block chemicals, bacteria, viruses and suspended particles.

Our bottles can be filled from the tap or any water source, with the exception of seawater, so you always have fresh, pure water on the go. This means you don’t need to carry an excess supply of water with you.

Each of the replaceable filters will create 200 litres of healthy, clean, safe drinking water, helping to reduce landfill and save you a small fortune on bottled water! The bottle nozzle can be removed for cleaning and sterilisation. Once the filter is removed the Bannow Pure Water Bottle is dishwasher safe.

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew the top from your filter bottle.

2. Remove the info wrapper from the filter.

3. Fill with water from a tap or water source.

4. Screw shut and drink.