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Traditionally Apple Cider Vinegar has been used in foods for flavouring and preservation for over 5000 years and is still very popular today.

New Nordic Apple Cider High Strength is a natural blend of Apple Cider Vinegar, Dandelion and Globe Artichoke and Chromium designed to support normal, efficient digestion and lipid metabolism.

Apple Cider High Strength is produced by selecting and picking apples which are then cold pressed and then fermented into vinegar by adding “The Mother” an acetic acid bacteria. The Apple Cider Vinegar is then dried into a fine powder and combined with the other key ingredients to create the tablet.

These high strength tablets are convenient to take and have no strong taste often associated with liquid Apple Cider Vinegar.

Good to know: Apple Cider High Strength is Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Recommended Use:

Take 2-3 tablets with a glass of water at breakfast.


Pack of 60, 2 Packs of 60