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Susan Sheehan

Menstrual Health, Fertility & Healing.

Menstrual Cycle physical pain, absence or emotional angst are all signs your body wants you to change something. I know I have been there, with all of these symptoms, and I am now free of them, and so can you.

I share and guide women back to Menstrual Health, with a focus on understanding what is going on in your body and your whole life so you can feel incredible again. I deeply believe in women’s bodies to heal, to create clarity and calm throughout the month.

I offer practical understanding and natural ways to heal your cycle through the wisdom of ayurveda, specific women’s expertise and Reiki Energy healing.

All is possible.

You can contact Susan on 087 0641086, check her out on susansheehan.com and email her on [email protected].

Susan is in Charleville every Wednesday, by appointment.