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Sedona Method: private sessions

Sedona Method private sessions are a way for you to get to the heart of your issues in the shortest time possible. Everyone needs emotional coaching at one time or another; there are things we all face in life that may appear insurmountable to us that cause us to suffer–and getting assistance with letting go of our emotions is the most effective and efficient way through. Expert one-on-one sessions direct you to the cause of your emotional issues and help you dissolve them by either welcoming the energy or by moving beyond it. Our 30-45 minute private sessions are faster than almost any other therapy and therefore much more cost-effective. Moving beyond whatever is keeping you down or holding you back allows your energy to go toward creating the life you want, instead of resisting the life you don’t want. I offer expert facilitation backed by hundreds of Sedona Method reviews and testimonials for both private sessions and Sedona Method seminars. Private one-on-one sessions can help you…

  • break addictions or get rid of unwanted habits, even long-standing ones
  • take control of your eating and create a healthy lifestyle
  • step up your creativity, productivity and success level
  • magnify your sense of peace, joy and fulfillment in life
  • resolve relationships issues
  • make depression and anxiety a thing of the past
  • or whatever it is you need to help move your life to the next level…

The attention, caring and direct experience of over 10 years with The Sedona Method that Sedona Method facilitator and lifestyle coach Gill brings to each session provide you with the time and space to make amazing breakthroughs in your life and make a quantum leap in your releasing practice. A series of one-on-one sessions is the most impactful way to change your life for the better because it guarantees continuity and, therefore, greater momentum. And the more sessions you purchase at one time, the better your savings. Private sessions can be conducted in person at Charleville Health Store New Leaf by appointment or by phone or by Skype, and are 30-45 minutes. Private sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Sessions are good for one year from the date of purchase. Private Sessions are in English.

Please note: The Sedona Method does not treat, diagnose, cure or advise about any medical condition; it addresses the psychological and emotional component associated with any medical condition. Please consult a medical professional regarding any health issue.

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