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Christina Keane,
Opening Hearts to Love,
Life Coach & “Heal Your Life Workshop” Leader

About Christina Keane, owner of Opening Hearts to Love….

I am a Life Coach & “Heal Your Life Workshop” leader.  I am very passionate about supporting people on their journey of self-healing and improving their lives. 

Christina Keane
Christina Keane

The workshops I provide are based  on the philosophies of Louise Hay, an American inspirational teacher who helped millions of people worldwide discover their full potential for self-healing and personal growth.  She wrote numerous  books, including “You can Heal Your Body”, “You can Heal Your Life” and “The Power is Within You”.  She was at the forefront of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection long before it was recognized by Science which now supports the link.  One of my favourite quotes from “Heal Your Body” is, “for you to become whole and healthy, we must  balance the body, mind and spirit.”

At my workshops you will use various exercises, meditations & visualizations to identify thoughts & limiting beliefs which are holding you back from achieving what you want in your life.  “It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed”(Louise Hay).  Our thoughts are creative and they are constantly creating our lives.  You need to ask yourself “is this thought/belief creating the life I want”.   If it is not, then you need to let it go, you then focus on creating new beliefs and affirmations to support the changes you want in your life; the changes may be changes in your relationship with yourself, with others, your career, your health, your sense of purpose and meaning…..  

Creating a loving, fulfilling life  requires daily work;  including Self Awareness, Loving and Accepting yourself, having a Daily Practice of Gratitude, Stating your Affirmations and Practicing Visualizations.  When you live in this way you are raising your energy, your vibration, and attracting what you want into your life.  The appropriate Action steps will make themselves known to you as you trust the process and you will be amazed by the synchronicities that will occur. Along with these positive practices the journey also includes; releasing emotions which may have been stored in your body for years, emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, shame, sadness.  Forgiveness work is also an essential part of the process making way for new higher frequency emotions such as love, joy, peace.

With the use of positive affirmations you declare what you want,  you trust that it will come true for you and you live as if it already has.     

While you can work on healing yourself and creating the life you want alone I believe  that having the support of a therapist and / or like-minded group  is really transformative.  Looking for support is an act of self-love.   I would love to be a part of your healing journey if you decide to reach out for support….

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Diploma Community & Social Studies UCC
H.Dip. Coaching & Coaching Psychology UCC
Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Certification.