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About The Therapist/Counselling

                   About The Therapist

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist

I am a member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) which means I abide by their code of ethics and meet the criteria to ensure the best possible service for you the client.

In addition I am a mother  with a lot of life experience.

The therapy is supportive, confidential and non a directive.  Most of our lives we have people telling us what to do, and what is expected of us, and we go along with it until one day the realisation dawns that life does not seem to fit with what we feel.  This may cause us to experience anxiety that we cannot easily explain.

Together we will work to enable and empower you to make your own decisions and to find creative ways to allow you to make positive and often simple changes.

You will be treated at all times with the greatest of respect.  You can be assured that what is discussed will be kept confidential.  The extent of this confidentiality will be discussed in our first session.

Sometimes,  I incorporate some elements of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), if it is suitable for you.  CBT sometimes involves homework such as recording your thoughts and feelings in a diary.

Sessions last for 50 minutes, and are conducted on a one to one basis and the cost is €50 per session.( 30 -50)

Couples counselling lasts for 80 minutes and the cost is €80 per session.

www.heallifelove.com tel. Kathleen 087/1917870