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The combination of this blend may help…..

• Reduce stretchmarks in pregnancy

• Reduce stretchmarks during teenage growth spurts

• The skin to retain moisture and nutrients (strengthen thinning skin)

• Rejuvenate cell growth

• Balance Hormones

• Reduce Anxiety

• Lift the spirits


Pure Essential Oils of:
Neroli (Orange Blossom) • Mandarin

Carrier Oil: Cold pressed, unrefined sweet Almond Oil

Who should us this product?

• Women during pregnancy

• Teenagers

• Children

• People with sensitive skin

• Elderly people

• Anyone for general massage

How to use:

• During Pregnancy ~ daily, gently massage abdomen clockwise

• For other Stretchmarks ~ daily, massage specific area

• General Massage ~ use directly for body massage

• Body Oil~after bath / shower apply as a body oil

• Bath Oil ~ apply to the body & then soak in the bath

• Feet ~ apply to feet, cover with cotton socks