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Shower Cream 150ml – gentle, nourishing shower cream with lemon & lemongrass

Gentle and creamy, slightly foaming and has an invigorating, enlivening scent. Mild sugar surfactants make it a friendly choice for both your skin and the environment. Further sustainability is ensured by the tube, made from a combination of recycled and easy-to recycle plastic. Aqua, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Glycerin, Decyl

Hair Oil – nourishes intensively damaged hair, soothes the scalp. Restores shine & controls frizz

Revitalises and restores dry, damaged, permed or colour treated hair to a soft, silky condition. The intensive hair treatment renews and strengthens hair follicles while calming the scalp. Hair becomes healthy, shiny and more manageable.

The composition with neem, chamomile, wheat germ oil and rosemary intensively nourishes the hair and soothes the scalp.
The Hair Oil harnesses the revitalising strengths of medicinal plant extracts to give the hair more volume, silky smoothness and natural shine.
Directly protects the hair against dry sauna air, sun, salt water and similar
The Focus lies on caring for the scalp and regulating and strengthening the oil/sebum production
Using the oil quickly benefits dry, damaged hair which becomes healthier over the long term due to strengthening the scalp
Shampoo 150ml – gentle cleansing nourishes hair & scalp

Clear formulation for all hair types including coloured hair. Gentle cleansing and rich in protein leaving hair easy to comb. Contains precious plant extracts to vitalize the scalp.

The composition with neem, rosemary and quince cleanses the hair particularly gently and nourishes it right to the tips

Gives the hair a fresh scent of lemon, bergamot and spearmint
Protein-rich chickpea extract nourishes the hair and makes it easier to comb
Valuable medicinal plant extracts revitalise the scalp
Free from silicones
Tube made from recycled plasticquickly without greasy residue. Even rough elbows become beautifully smooth.