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Organic Acid Testing – Shay Kearney

What is it? It is a useful tool in evaluating the general function of all of the body systems at a cellular level. I have found it to be most beneficial when used in conjunction with a comprehensive consultation which includes the complete medical and lifestyle history of the client.

What Does a Urine Organic Acids Test Evaluate?

Organic acid testing (OAT) is often compared to performing an emissions test on a car. For cars, the exhaust fumes that come out of the tailpipe are a byproduct of fuel combustion, and the composition can tell us how efficiently the engine burns fuel.

In the same way, organic acids in our urine are byproducts of our metabolism and can give us information about how efficiently our body systems are performing.

Reasons for Abnormal OAT Results

When the body isn’t functioning optimally, organic acids in the urine can become elevated or depleted, depending on what is occurring. Sometimes these can be inborn errors of metabolism due to genetics, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Some markers may indicate a further genetic test is warranted.

The main reasons for abnormal urinary organic acid results include:

  • B-vitamin deficiencies- under-functioning on every level
  • Imbalanced gut microbiota (dysbiosis)- digestive issues-cognitive problems
  • Impaired fatty acid metabolism-inflammation and a host of other health issues
  • Ketosis or poor carbohydrate metabolism- possibly due to fasting so not always bad or could be other underlying problems leading to blood sugar issues.
  • Neurotransmitter metabolism- mood-sleep-depression-anxiety-apathy-hormonal and cognitive problems
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction- chronically low energy-inability to detoxify- malaise-cognitive issues- whole body conditions such as fibromyalgia
  • Oxidative stress-premature aging-inflammation-general under-function
  • Poor detoxification- leading to all of the above
  • Inflammation- leading to the above or due to the above

Who can it benefit?

The Organic Acid test can help with piecing together the myriad factors that are required for health and identify where things may be going wrong. Like all laboratory tests it has some limitations and will not give the full picture. However, it may give some very clear answers to clients frustrated with constantly trying new and wonderful ways to resolve their health challenges only to be disappointed that their efforts are not being rewarded as they wind up missing the root cause. Most of the clients that I have seen over the last 15 years fall into this category. It can sometimes be a stand-alone test meaning that enough information is produced that the client can really set about making required adjustments to their lives to make a real difference. Occasionally the client will be advised to order a further test or tests dependent on what shows up in the OAT.

In any case, it is a great way to inform me on how to help my client by providing them with a roadmap for health, based on solid scientific answers currently not addressed in the medical field. It can also be seen as a useful adjunct in identifying specific pathways of disease in order to better benefit from their prescribed medical treatment. I have been fortunate enough to witness how having this additional information has transformed people’s lives.

I generally don’t recommend it or any other test before a thorough clinical evaluation in consultation. Advance functional medical tests can be costly so should always be undertaken when the benefits likely outweigh the cost.
Other tests offered by Shay with price, which is subject to change in these strange times:

  • OAT- 220euro + FedEx cost (URINE)
  • Metals Hair Test- 130euro + post to USA (HAIR)
  • Metals Urine Test- 170euro + FedEx cost (URINE)
  • Stool Tests (comprehensive)- 320euro + FedEx cost (microbiology)- 170 + FedEx cost (STOOL)
  • DNA Methylation Pathway Profile- 465euro + post to USA (SALIVA)
  • Hormones (comprehensive plus)- 255euro + post to USA (SALIVA)
  • GPL-TOX Profiles (toxic non-metal compounds)- 186euro + FedEx cost (URINE)
  • Amino Acids test- 262euro + FedEx cost (URINE)
  • Omega 3 Index Complete- 170euro + post to USA (BLOOD SPOT)
  • Calcium + Magnesium Test- 101euro + FedEx cost (URINE)
  • Vitamin D- 72 + post to USA (BLOOD SPOT)

Combination bundles:

  • OAT + Microbiology 330euro+ FedEx cost (URINE + STOOL)
  • IgG food allergy test (192 antigens) + Candida IgG- 220euro+ post to USA

Basic Assessment Panel including:

  • IgG Food Map, GPL-TOX, Metals Hair, Organic Acids- 708euro + FedEx post (BLOOD SPOT, HAIR, URINE)
    FedEx from Ireland is approximately 52euro

Prices correct Sept 2021 – may be subject to change