Allergy Testing (Kinesiology)

18th November 2019

New Leaf Kanturk

Kinesiology / Allergy Testing / Reflexology

Fiona Griffin’s interest in health issues has brought her to train in reflexology and naturopathic medicine, incorporating Kinesiology, homeopathy, herbology, nutrition and food intolerance testing.

Fiona Griffin trained as a nurse in the early 1990s. She currently works from her practice in Liskennett, Granagh, Co. Limerick as well as from New Leaf Holistic Centre in Percival Street Kanturk and in Charleville. Fiona is available every fortnight in Kanturk and everyday, by appointment, in the New Leaf Store in Charleville.

fiona griffinKinesiology provides an individual, non-invasive diagnostic tool that treats the client in a holistic manner.

Through Kinesiology, conditions that may be helped include digestive disorders, respiratory problems, Candida, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, excema, allergies (both food and environmental), and bacterial, viral or fungal infections.