Mentor Counselling

michaelMichael Roberts H Dip U.C.C
Mentor Counselling Services

As a mentor counsellor I work in the area of relationships and interpersonal development. The needs of the person is looked at in a complete way physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically. During a session a number of different therapies can be used, such as Talk therapy, Meditation, Energetic healing.

All behaviour make sense and when an emergency arises within us such as hopelessness, anxiety, depression, loneliness etc. rather than just look at what is happening to us literally we need to understand it metaphorically to reach a greater understanding of what lays behind the emergency emotion. It is from here that healing can take place.

Interpersonal work is self development. It is where we come to a greater understanding as to how we see and live in the world. In mentor/counselling the client and the therapist work together to look at the nature and requirement of interpersonal work. The work takes into account all aspects and well being of the person in a safe and healing environment.

  • Mentor Counselling
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Relationships
  • Energetic Psychotherapy
  • Parenting Children & Self
  • Self Realism & Spriritual Growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Shared Vision for Therapists

Energetic Healing/Psychology

Energetic Healing is a non intrusive way of healing which creates a safe place to be with self .It is the gentle laying of hands on the head .In this way there no intrusion to the physical well being of the person your deeper nature is held with compassion and understanding.
Energetic Healing / Psychology can be used as a means to relax and take time out for self, to give relief from the stresses of life. Hands on Healing, Interpersonal Work, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychotherapy combined gives a fuller understanding of the healing process. “To know self is wise, to know another is learned.” (Lao Tzu).

Meditation Evenings

Meditation evenings are run on regular basis, all are welcome and no experience is needed. This is a relaxing and informative evening. The focus is to get an understanding of the relationship with self, to reflect on our own needs and have a greater peace of mind.

For further information please contact Michael at 087 6457893

Effective Parenting of Self and Children

This is course run in 10 Practical sessions. It is a guide for parents with the fundamentals of how to parent themselves and how to effectively parent there children. The course is not only suitable for parents, but its ideas and practices apply to grandparents, childminders, and those in the professional and child care sector. Groups and one on one sessions are catered for.

I have been involved in healing work for the many years; I have studied psychology at U.C.C. and holds a H.Dip. On Relationship Studies. Interpersonal Communication, Dip.U.C.C. Parenting of Self and Children, Dip.U.C.C. Have studied Energetic Healing extensively and continues to do so, I also facilitate regular Mediation evenings at the centre.

Michael Roberts. H, Dip U.C.C

For further information please contact Michael at 087 6457893

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