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I’m delighted to tell you as much as I can about our popular courses. My name is Des Richmond and I am principal of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology here in Ireland. I am so excited to welcome you to our Kinesiology family. Kinesiology is something that has transformed my health and my life, and through teaching, has impacted the lives of many 1000s of others who would never have benefitted from Kinesiology had it not been for our wonderful graduates.

It is said that to truly heal, the patient must have faith, confidence and belief in both the practitioner and in the modality/therapy. For healing to take place, the practitioner is a vital part of the process. It’s a case of, you can’t do it alone.

And if someone is struggling with their health they often feel alone. And yet instinctively we know deep inside what is right and what is wrong for us. Your body holds the key to its own health, to optimal health and Kinesiology is a powerful tool to unlocking what it needs to create the right environment to self-heal.

Modern medicine sees the body like a machine that needs fixing when it breaks down, or treated with essentially what boils down to a drug or surgical intervention. Little attention is given to the person underneath, the stresses they experience or the lifestyle they lead. And yet, many health issues will clear up with guidance on lifestyle.

Because most health issues come from the lifestyle choices we make every day. Which is good news, because that means small tweaks to what you do every day are under your control.

Your First Step is with the Balanced Health Foundation Course

Map Ireland Interested in learning Systematic Kinesiology?

Do you feel drawn to helping people with their health?

We’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of people just like you throughout Ireland, and it has made a difference in the lives of many people because of their new found knowledge of Kinesiology. They say that life without health is no life at all. And while you may have your health there are many who don’t. If you’ve been drawn to help yourself and others with their health there is no greater calling. For some it means going into the medical profession, but I know that for many the holistic field is more to their taste.

When you do what you love every day, it shows. I’m sure you seen someone who’s miserable in their job, can’t wait for the clock to strike “closing time”, and they’re out of there. And in contrast when you see someone who’s following their life’s passion: they glow, are fun to be around, exude health, optimism, and have so much energy. Well anyone attracted to our Balanced Health Kinesiology courses are great people to be around and throughout the course, your instructor is there to help build your confidence in your new skills. We want our students to be happy students and happy practitioners.

This has been a life changing experience for me and I’m so happy I’m doing KinesiologyCathal McKenna